From designing and producing board games to his current passion for endurance racing, Jim’s interests are wide and varied.   He grew up the son of a family of pioneering preservationists in San Antonio’s King William historic district at the advent of it’s return to glory, and his love and respect for that unique heritage has informed his interest in neighborhood revitalization city-wide.  Jim’s hands-on experience restoring numerous historic homes around San Antonio has given him a wealth of knowledge both at the scale of the individual house and of the complexity of the neighborhood in which it sits.  With this background Jim has brought a real passion for quality to his leadership of our multifamily group.  With over fifteen thousand units built under his watch he has worked equally nimbly with affordable, market-rate or urban infill/mixed use developments.  His contributions to our planning efforts are invaluable as well, and he has participated in most of our significant inner-city master planning efforts, adding his own insights from growing up in the big middle of it all.