Jim leads the housing studio at Alamo Architects in San Antonio and has been responsible for the design and construction of over 13,000 housing units. With his deep roots in the community, broad experience, and intimate familiarity with the geospatial and socioeconomic makeup of the city, Jim is often called upon to help navigate the intersection of design and public policy. He has played a key role in many major local planning efforts and served on various related boards, commissions, and committees and initiated a number of community-driven infrastructure improvement initiatives over the last quarter century. He served on Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s five-member Housing Policy Task Force to develop the Housing Policy Framework. In 2019, he founded ActivateSA: a guerrilla planning initiative and think tank whose mission is to build a robust and connected multimodal transportation system for San Antonio through advocacy and facilitation of intergovernmental collaboration. He is currently serving on the steering committee for the development of San Antonio’s 20-year, multi-billion-dollar Strategic Housing Implementation Plan. Jim is driven by the belief that active listening and deep collaboration are the foundation of a future San Antonio that is just and sustainable..