The Barshop Institute

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Client: UT Health San Antonio
Associate Architect: TreanorHL
Completion Date: est. Oct 2020
General Contractor: Vaughn Construction
Project Size: 109,600 sf
Structural Engineer: IES
MEP Engineer: Shah Smith
Civil Engineer: IES
Landscape Architect: Coleman & Associates
Building Code/Life Safety: Jensen Hughes
Information Technology: Combs Consulting Group
Cost Estimating: Vermeulens

The Barshop Institute for Longevity & Aging Studies is a collaborative effort of Alamo Architects and TreanorHL.

The Barshop Institute has earned an international reputation as one of the top institutions in the country for research on longevity and aging studies. A major portion of the research is funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA). However, the current location of the institute is 23 miles distant from the main location of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. This project will relocate the scientists, animals and laboratories to the UT Health Greehey Academic and Research Campus.

As the central feature of this project, the small animal/rodent vivarium will support research in the four primary areas of aging studies. The vivarium will consist of two suites: Non-ITP Barrier and ITP Barrier based on the requirements of the current research studies. Holding rooms and procedure rooms of varying sizes designed for future flexibility are in each suite. This area will also provide office spaces and support spaces for the staff. Research laboratories are planned as open wet labs to promote collaboration among  researchers. Write-up space and wet bench space will be provided within the labs while support spaces will be adjacent to the labs. A special feature includes an open-air bridge that will cross above Floyd Curl Drive and connect to the existing South Texas Research Facility.

Check out this introductory video from UT Health San Antonio