Texas A & M-San Antonio Development Plan

Location: San Antonio, TX
Client: Texas A & M University System
Completion Date: May 2012
Project Type: Master Planning
Site Area: 644 acres
Programming: Facility Programming and Consulting
Structural Engineer: Jaster Quintanilla
MEP Engineer: CNG Engineering
Civil Engineer: Pape Dawson
Landscape Architect: Bender Wells Clark Design
Telecom: Datacom Design Group
Cost Estimating: Project Cost Resources
Cultural Resources:  SWCA Environmental Consultants

This Campus Development Plan conveys a vision, a plan, and a process. It is not a static plan but a guide for future development. It is flexible enough to accommodate shifts in priorities and academic mission as the campus evolves.  It serves as a strategic guide for additions and improvements to the University’s physical environment for the milestones of 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, and 25,000 students for the next ten to fifteen years, phased in two year increments keyed into University funding cycles.

The plan examines optimum traffic patterns, entrances to the campus and locations of sur­face parking, Storm water runoff, detention and development as well as a strategy to deal with existing (west/east) high pressure gas line. Development planning for sports relative to the new buildings is shown including soccer fields and surface park­ing spaces.  Architectural and site design guidelines are included that refine campus design elements and architectural character including building proportion, massing and scale. Site de­sign guidelines include exterior lighting and exterior open space.